Monday, November 21, 2016

Essentially Monday ~ A Week of Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving week!

Here are the oils I am especially thankful for ~ they are all doTERRA brand oils ~

Slim & Sassy blend ~ Greg and I take this daily, it really does help curb appetite and flushes our systems

Breathe blend ~ fall allergies are cropping up and this helps open up air passages and calms coughing

Digestzen blend ~ helps with rumbly tummys, discomfort from acid reflux, car sickness issues in little ones.  I can use this straight from the bottle with no problem, we needed to mix it with fco for Greg to use.  It has also helped with monthly upset tummy issues.

Wild Orange & Lemon oils ~ both taste great in my hot spice tea and lemon kicks plain water up a notch

Peppermint ~ besides smelling delicious, it also helps with digestive issues and it tastes awesome in hot chocolate

Clary Calm blend ~ this is good for female issues ~ both for monthly issues and menopause issues

Deep Blue ~ cream or oil ~ great for stiff, achy joints and muscles.  James even used this for the muscle pain associated with kidney stones, last time he had an attack.

Frankincense ~ this Biblical oil is good for so many issues but I am currently using it for  the dizziness that accompanies Meniere's Disease.  It is not a cure but a help when mild dizziness hits.  I put about 10 drops in a glass roller bottle and fill with fco (fractionated coconut oil) ~ gently shake the bottle and roll behind both ears and down the sides of the neck.  It is effective for me.

Lavender ~ the calming properties in this oil make it a great roller bottle oil for the bottoms of feet at bedtime

Serenity blend ~ my favorite bedtime, diffuser oil for the bedroom....I am sleeping really good!

Other than the frankincense, which I use as needed ~ all of the other blends, I use daily.

**None of the above information has been approved by the FDA or is it intended to be medical advice.

**Not all oils are created alike ~ the doTERRA oils single oils are pure oil ~ no fillers or additives.   Oils sold in grocery stores or big box stores are generally diluted, or chemically enhanced.

I am thankful for ~

the oils listed above
the care doTERRA puts into their products
knowing that I can buy their products & not worry about the safety
their "giving back" mentality in helping the regions where these oils are harvested
the kindness of the office staff, when I have a question or concern about my order
the swiftness in receiving the orders
their new low shipping costs ~ $3.99 that is awesome!
being able to get my oils at 25% off
placing a monthly order & earning points toward future purchases
using the points for free oils (great way to stock up on favorites or try something new)
the education provided by my upline
laughter, love, and caring ~ even long distance during online classes
the educational & DIY pages on the doTERRA site

The fact that these oils have been around and used since Biblical times ~ and the creativity of the Lord in His blessing & abundance. 

Using more natural products in and for our home ~ topically, aromatically and/or internally. 

If you would like more information ~ please message me and I will help in any way I can.  Or visit my online site at


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