Thursday, October 20, 2016

Wedding Wednesday

Yes, wedding Wednesday, is a day late.

And what do I have to update?

Amy said "Yes, to the dress!"

She is gorgeous!  So is the dress.  Its Mom, Dad, and Granny approved.  Her sisters and aunts have seen pictures. 

Here is my "consumer report" on Davids Bridal ~ GO!  Ok, more details ~ we went online the morning of the trip to make an appointment.  That means that when we walk in, someone is "assigned" to us to help us in any way we need.  *Tip~ go with a budget in mind that the bride is aware would be very hard to say no when her heart is set on a certain dress that is way out of your budget.*

Our "helper" was awesome!  She listened, she helped, she made constructive suggestions, she was supportive, and she was knowledgeable.  She asked up front about style and budget.  We did end up going over the budget by $100.  But that was ok.

The dress Amy chose was the first one she tried on there.  She tried on 5-6 more and then went back to the first one ~ which, hands down, was the best.  She was happy, I was happy, Dad was happy, Granny was happy. 

The stores custom is ~ when you chose a dress, you ring a bell and make a wish for your future.  All the sales people come to look at you in the dress, clap and congratulate you.  At this point, I cried.  Then Amy cried.  Then our awesome sales person cried too!  Tissues were passed and we pulled ourselves together.

They determined that Amy could use a smaller size in the dress, so there wasn't as much alterations.  Its been ordered and will take a couple of months to get here.

Tips ~

*Its not easy to find a modest wedding dress or semi modest (depending on your standards).
*Its not easy to find one in a lower price range ~ meaning well under $1000.
*Send pictures of the dresses to Dad so he can help choose (and have an emergency budget meeting if necessary)
*Don't be pushed around by bullies in these shops ~ this one was great, but we went into a shop earlier in the day and she was extremely snobby and rude.
*Shop early ~ this could take till Feb. at the latest to get here.  Then alterations ~ my talented daughter in law, Amy Kate has agreed to this.  We sent her pictures too.
*Have a budget, which is a good starting point.
*Have fun, try to relax, go to more than one place if necessary.
*Be prepared to change the style of your dreams ~ this dress is nothing like we "thought" we wanted but its gorgeous!
*Listen to what the bride wants ~ Amy wanted lace, sparkles, and a train. Its her day ~ its what she got!
*Be strong ~ after you choose the dress, they want to sell you lots of extras ~ the only extra I got was the garment bag for the dress ($10).
*If you go to David's, look for coupons.  I set up an account, with my email, and that morning got a $40 coupon.  They honored it....which basically paid for the sales tax!

Thankful for ~

this item checked off our list
finding what Amy wanted
the approval of everyone
compassionate sales personnel
a phone that takes pictures
a fun day with 3 generations
lunch date with Greg

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