Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dreams Do Come True!

Once upon a time on a New York Mission trip a young lady and a young man met for the first time (June 2013).  They laughed and talked and became facebook friends.  On the next years trip (June 2014), I had to stay home because James was in the hospital, but the young lady and her daddy took the trip.  I kept getting pictures of them together as "closer" friends.  At this point, I am getting suspicious!  On the June 2015 trip, the young man came to Greg and I and asked permission to "date" our daughter.  We said yes.  Thanksgiving Eve, 2015 young man (Austin) presented Amy with a promise ring.  In February 2016, he asked permission to marry her ~ we said yes.  He planned the "pop the question" for our Disney September.  That's a really long time to keep a secret!

Texts, emails, phone calls, etc. ensued for months.  Everyone knew it was coming and when.  Except for Amy.  I am very proud of all her brothers and sisters for keeping this secret.  She was totally shocked.  She knew it would eventually come, but not on vacation!

Her engagement dreams included ~ have a photographer to take pictures.  Check and double check...the Disney photographer, me, Greg, and his parents....enough photographers? Yes!  Getting engaged at Disney and in Ariel's grotto (Amys favorite princess) was awesome!  We all cried ~ at least the girls!  I am surprised my pictures turned out halfway decent.  The funny thing...Amy is talking to Ariel and then getting a picture made ~ Austin gets down on one knee with the ring box open and Amy doesn't notice at first.  And for the record, she was so shocked, she didn't say yes,  she nodded yes, through her tears.  Successful surprise~  and an incredibly thoughtful young man to have put this much thought into her happiness and joy!

Tammy had the Ariel and Eric shirts made for the big day! Greg wore his Dadd shirt ~ Dads against daughters dating!

She has no clue whats about to happen!

Getting an autograph from her favorite character for her scrapbook!

totally not paying attention

The whole Gang....Will, Billy Kent, Tammy (Austins parents), Austin, Ariel, Amy, Me, Greg

her beautiful ring was given to me 34 years ago by her first dad, Scott

cute tshirts given to them by Austins cousin

Happy girl

Gregs got them locked up!

After Scott died in 1996~Amy was 7 months old.  We bought a paving stone at Disney.  We found it and Amy & Billy Kent traced in the engraving with black sharpies (it was really faded).

She has no memory of Scott but this picture is a sweet memory.  He would be very happy for her.

Amy and Austin holding hands
I will have to see if Greg can upload the video from his phone, it is precious!

And what is the timeline now?  Lots of DIY projects, picking attendants (already done, but they need to be asked!), finding a venue, and all the other details.  Wedding will probably be next September.

And I don't need to delete all my secret emails & texts anymore because its not a secret!  And Amy has been added to the secret Wedding Board that Tammy and I have been pinning on for months.

I love you Amy Lynn!  I am very proud of the young woman you have become.  You have been helped on this growing up journey by lots of folks who loved and care for you ~ Granny, Aunts & Uncles, brothers, cousins,  and 2 incredible Dads. And I am  very thankful for the Godly young man the Lord has placed in your life.  I wish you many, many years of happiness!

And Amy's hope chest is full to overflowing ~ in fact, it overflowed into the barn with furniture and gadgets, gizmos, thingamabobs, etc. 

Love is Sweet!

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