Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Almost Fall

Its been a long hot summer ~  I think the weather we lived with for 10 years followed us from Mississippi.

And while I like all the seasons...I am dreaming of fall.  Walking in crunchy leaves in cool air (as opposed to walking in crunchy leaves because they died from lack of rain and fell off the tree prematurely), sitting outside and reading, wearing sweaters and cuddling under quilts ~ you get the picture!

I've been scanning pinterest and lots of back to school ideas have popped up ~ school started in our county today.  And with those school pins have been comfort food pins.  Or fall/winter foods that we enjoy ~ thinkgs like chicken pot pie, lasagna, vegetable soup, chicken n dumplings, etc.  While I won't have those all the time ~ too many carbs ~ I  indulge once a week in a truly decadent, comfort food meal.

Thankful for~
the Seasons
different foods for different times
Its almost football season

Hopefully, August will fly by just like July did.  Its got lots filling up its days so far!

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