Thursday, July 28, 2016

Its almost August!

Wow!  Where did July go?  This month has flown by. 

Here are some updates ~ mom found a house!  Now we are jumping through all the hoops with real estate agents, bank officers, appraisals and inspections.  The house is quite close to us and a cute little 1 story with a flat driveway and lot.  The sellers are moving overseas, so their furniture is staying.  We have started the who wants what process with the grandkids and hopefully will have all that settled when the closing occurs.  There will still be stuff to donate or give away.

And we got a contract on our house in Mississippi!  Yay....Hooray!  Its contingent on them selling their present house, so we are praying that they get a buyer soon!  We left stuff in the house from our last trip, so we didn't have to haul it back and forth it we needed to "camp" in our house again, so we will have a few things to bring back with us after our closing.

We have been hitting the sales for back to school supplies for office depot and office max ~ for our shoebox gifts.  We've got lots of pencils, sharpeners, spiral notebooks, pens, index cards, pencil boxes, etc.  Amy, Granny, Brenda, Bethany and I are going to start working on personal care items for the older girl boxes.  JoAnns has a great 50% off coupon today, so we are getting our supplies on sale....more on that when we set our work day.

2 months from now we will be on vacation and are all very excited about our trip.  Austin will be joining us for the week and his parents will be able to come for the last couple of days.  We are enjoying getting to know him and his family.  And Amy loves their time together. 

The days are long and hot here in GA ~ almost like Mississippi weather, but without the benefit of a backyard pool.  We go out and take care of the dogs, rabbits and chickens in the mornings and evenings.  The garden is still producing some ~ mainly squash and tomatoes.  We do have some more corn to pick.  The green beans have given up in the heat and I've been giving the chickens the plants to munch on.  I am totally thrilled that my sunflowers bloomed ~ the plants are about as tall as I am.  They are planted beside the chicken coop and do provide some shade for the chickens from the afternoon sun.  I am thinking about the coming autumn and winter but its still several months off.

Thankful for ~

air conditioning
cool drinks
indoor projects
house contract
helpful friends

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