Monday, August 15, 2016

A Flop

I had a kitchen flop this weekend....I ordered what I thought was pectin from Amazon.  It came in a 1 1/2 pound container and I bought 2.  I had purchased bulk pectin before and loved how the products turned out ~ last summer I purchased 2 bags at an Amish grocery in New York state that we visited.  I cooked down my blueberries, collected jars, rings and seals and was ready to go.  It did not work ~ I ended up with blueberry syrup.  Then I realized I had not bought pectin, I had ought a product named Clear Jell....its cornstarch, just thickens liquid for pies, sauces, etc.  WHY is jell in the name and why did it come up in the pectin section ~ I will be contacting Amazon about this. 

So, I went to Kroger and bought some pectin from Ball which I have used before.  But it didn't work either because I refused to add 7 more cups of sugar per batch to the mixture.  My fault, but that much more sugar is ridiculous.

I do have one batch of strawberry that worked.

Back to the Clear Jell, Greg remembered his grandmother making pies and using a similar product.  So he dumped 2 jars of the slurry into a pot, heated to boiling and added more clear jell, poured it over sliced strawberries in a pie shell and prayed for a strawberry pie.  Another flop.  The next morning he drained the liquid, mixed up strawberry jello and made it that way.

So what am I going to do with that much slurry syrup ~ I don't know.  But its in the pantry and will sit there till I decide something.

Maybe an ice cream sundae bar featuring blueberry syrup?

Thankful for ~

laughter over mistakes
plenty of canning lids
enough sugar for the flops
the pretty purple syrup

*Updates ~ my son in law and husband both want the syrup for pancakes!  I sent amazon a polite complaint ~ mainly because this product shows up under the pectin search engine ~ and they refunded our total purchase price on Monday.

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  1. I see lots of blueberry syrup over pancakes, cheesecake, and ice cream in your future. ;)


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