Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Meeting

Have you ever met a friend after a long absence and picked up your conversation and friendship like your last meeting had been yesterday?  I did that with several friends in Mississippi on our trip and it was great!  We are going back in several weeks and I am sure we will pick up again.

My meeting 2 days ago was quite unusual, but we had the same amazing, we've always been friends result, even though we had just met in person for the very 1st time~  I've been following Deanna's blog ( for years ~ at least 10 from what we could figure.  I recently started following her on Instagram.  She lives near Tupelo, Mississippi, I was about 3 hours away in Brandon.  We occasionally joked about meeting up but it never happened....until this week.  She posted a picture on Instagram about driving by Talladega on her way to Atlanta.  I piped in with where in Atlanta, she & her husband had gotten a hotel room in Alpharetta for his working here.  Whoo hoo, the plans were on!  That's about 32 miles from me but with the stupid traffic took over an hour to get there.

It was an fun, amazing time.  We talked and chatted like we had "known" each other for years and were catching up where we left off, which in our case would have been our last facebook post or Instagram picture or blog post.  Amy went with me and had a great time also.  The Mexican restaurant we found was probably glad we left after 2 1/2 hours because of all the laughter and stories.  I can't wait for the next time! 

So, it was great meeting you friend!  Let me know next time you are in town ~ we will find a fabric or craft store to invade for a while! 

Amy found this picture for you after hearing all your animal stories ~ 


Thankful for ~

a new friendship
a uncrowded Mexican restaurant
"maps" app to get me where I needed to be
a fun visit and conversation
The fact that we finally met! 


  1. I am so happy that you two were able to get together! How very special. ;)

  2. YES!!!! It was a great meeting FINALLY! Years in the making :-)
    Next visit I am going to find something owl-y to bribe Amy with so I can taste some of her amazing delicious cupcakes I have heard so much about. No excuses now that there's that fancy kitchen begging to become cupcake central, LOL


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