Monday, May 2, 2016


#1 bloom getting ready to open
 The lady we bought the house from had flower pots all over the yard.  Most contained weedy looking treasures.  But 3 pots contained amaryllis bulbs.  This one plant has 4 buds on it, the first one has opened all the way and the second one is almost open.  Many of the flower pots were the cheap plastic ones that you buy plants in & a great many of them were split, or the bottoms had fallen out ~ they went to the trash.  The terra cotta pots and the nice plastic ones we saved and are using.  They left a lot of pots in the basement, so we've had to go through them as well.  The dirt from the pots either got dumped into potty planter or dumped in the garden right before it got tilled up.  I love the springtime!
#1 Saturday morning

#1 Saturday afternoon

huge bloom ~ about the size of a dessert plate

#2 bud is opening

#2 bud this morning
Thankful for ~
the Lords Creativity & vivid colors
found pots with treasures in them
rain for the garden
tomato plants that are thriving

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  1. Beautiful photos. You have a lovely blog. Warm greetings from Montreal, Canada.


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