Monday, April 25, 2016

Machine Embroidery

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been making gifts with my embroidery machine ~  I discovered a "new" file in my embroidery program that had tiny designs in it that were perfect for the wash cloths I bought my mom for her birthday.  And when I say discovered I mean, its always been there I just never paid much attention to it ~ the company I bought my machine from labeled this file Ornaments.  To me ornaments meant of the Christmas variety, so I didn't pay much attention to it since my ornament collection was huge.  I was very please with the tiny designs in the file.  I did the wash cloths for mom and now I am going to do pot holders for my kitchen ~ and maybe some to add to a hope chest.

Bath towel set for a wedding gift ~ fullsize towels are labeled Yours & mine, hand towel is Ours

Pretty little "ornaments" from the file

The tiny details are gorgeous ~ I did change some of the colors to show up on the white cloths

this size is probably 1 x 1/5 inches

Another towel set for a shower gift

Moms other birthday gift ~ story below
 For Aprils Fools Day 2015, Annies came up with a mock up of a new mac & cheese box ~ Bunny Butts in Butter sauce ~ we thought it was funny.  Everyone went crazy over this and wanted to buy these, so their joke became a new product.  They did change the name to bunny tails in butter sauce.  Mom had looked for these at a store and we found out they were only offered online ~ so I ordered them off Amazon for her birthday!  A fun, useful, edible gift!
wedding gift all ready for giving!

Thankful for ~

discovering treasures I didn't know I had
time to create
fun ideas
making gifts for other people
DIY projects


  1. Those towels are just lovely with your embroidery on them! Funny about the bunny butts pasta!

  2. I love, love, love the towels! I especially like the little ornaments, something small on a washcloth is just perfectly lovely!


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