Friday, April 8, 2016

Common Sense

Common Sense used to be Common.
Most people had a nice dose of common sense built into them.
Along with common sense came manners and nice speech.
Its the way we were brought up.
But common sense doesn't seem to be important anymore.
Its not invited to most gatherings along with its buddies manners & nice speech.

What in the world is happening to our world?

Its really OK to disagree with some idea or some group or some elected official.
Really, its OK.
Its how you personally handle it.

For years I have seen a sign on many restaurant doors ~
"No shoes, No shirt, No service"
Common sense says read the sign and follow the directions.
These establishments aren't discriminating against barefoot, topless folks ~
but they are making the atmosphere inside more pleasant for everyone else.
This isn't hate speech or taking us backwards hundreds of years.

There needs to be a Common Sense vitamin that everyone should be required to take.
Especially when the hateful speech comes spewing out.

Just because someone disagrees doesn't make it hateful or backwards or wrong.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion ~ right or wrong.
Its sad that laws have to be written to protect common sense.
Its sad that protecting and reinforcing laws that are already on the books have brought about such a
storm of ugliness.

A lot of common sense is based on Biblical principles ~
the "Thou shalt nots...." still apply today.
If it was a sin when the Bible was written ~ its still a sin today.

Sins don't change ~ they just get more perverted.

Thankful for ~
Common Sense
a good, parent instilled sense of Right & Wrong
being taught to know the difference

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