Monday, March 7, 2016

Full House

We were blessed this weekend with a full house ~ Katie, Bryant and the littles came on Friday around lunchtime to spend a couple of days.  Andy and AmyKate came on Friday night and Sat. late afternoon for dinner.  Gran came on Friday to say HI and on Sat. for dinner.  Allen, Jennifer and Aiden came on Sat. to play and eat dinner.  Will is on a mission trip to Haiti so he missed all the excitement.  Amy got to visit Friday at lunchtime and Sat. morning, then she worked the rest of the time.

And of course I have pictures~

Alvin was too worried about his goofy brothers than posing for MaMa ~ but the big guys have gorgeous smiles for me.

Life is a zoo with these 3 monkeys~

Our cabbage patch dolly!

Great pinterest idea ~ coloring in a box!  They get out, the crayons stay in!

A fistful of crayons makes cool designs

Our biggest boy and first little buddy!

This ruff and tumble boy is our cuddle bug~~ hold me is his favorite phrase ~ he did switch it Saturday and tell Katie that she "wanted to hold him"

Uncle James with Thomas and Robert

Maybe one day I can get a good shot of his huge blue eyes~

schoolwork ~ tracing letters to form color words

riding back down our long driveway on the digger tractor PaPa bought his boys

Aiden and MaMa ~ he didn't quite get enough nap

stretching to make the basket

Yay, he did it!

Aiden decided the little tractors were a safer option than the digger tractor

PaPa and Robert riding the tractor

Aiden and his daddy & mommy

Still not too sure about the tractor ~ and maybe its not safe for PaPa either

walking back to go inside and play ~ come on PaPa lets get away from that big tractor

Robert and Aiden coloring in the box ~ although crayon eating was thought about
Thomas keeps us rolling ~ here are a few snippets from the weekend ~ this little monkey just turned 2.

Katie ~ Thomas are you stinky
Reply ~ Not yet............several minutes later "now I am"

Katie ~ Thomas Jonathan stop taking that away from your brother
Thomas ~ "me?"

Granny ~ Thomas come give me a hug
T ~ why
Gran ~ because I am going home
(she didn't get a hug)

Thankful for ~
little boy laughter and antics
the joy they bring us
having all 4 buddy's together
watching Greg on the tractor with his buddy's
listening to the little phrases
snuggles and hugs
spoiling them
being grandparents


  1. You grandchildren are so cute!!!

  2. What a special time. I love it when the house is full of loved ones! Bet you are a bit tired though...

    1. Yes, there is a great reason the Lord doesn't bless older folks with babies! Because we are older and they are babies! d

  3. I have mixed feelings. On one hand I'm thrilled for you and everything looks so lovely and fun! On the other hand, I'm sorta imagining that as my life in a few years... :)

    1. It is so lively and exciting and loud and chaotic when they are all here ~ Veggie Tales videos and being able to go outside help greatly! And it is sooooo quiet when they leave. I wouldn't trade it for anything! donna


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