Friday, January 15, 2016


Loads of people went crazy over the lottery this week in Georgia ~ the prize was $1 billion +.  I saw lots of posts of facebook ~ if you like this post and share it, and I win, I will split the money with everyone...or give everyone $10,000 or whatever amount.

In my mind, this is silly.  Someone is going to win eventually ~ actually I think 3 people in different states won and now I heard complaints about the money having to be split 3 ways.  Its over a billion $$ folks.  What is there to complain about.

Well here are some complaints I can think of concerning the purchase of lottery tickets ~

*spending the money on the off chance you might possibly win
*spending hard earned money on a gamble
*spending money that could have put groceries on the table or diapers on the baby
*spending money on gas to drive to another state if your state didn't sell lottery tickets plus all of the above reasons
*spending money on little slips of paper instead of paying your bills or settling your debts
*actually thinking that every dollar you spend on lottery tickets actually benefits schools (they don't get $1, maybe closer to a quarter)
*letting the grand prize consume so much of your thoughts & days

So instead of gambling why don't you ~

*use the money for groceries or gas for the car
*donate any cash you would have spent to your local schools to help them ~ If every parent with children in the school gave $5 or $10, the school would be ecstatic.
*straighten up your household finances
*pay your credit cards off monthly instead of giving Visa, MasterCard, etc. interest money
*spend less than you make & save the difference
*stay off online sites, craigslist, and yard sale sites for stuff you don't need but have to have if you see it ~ unless you budget for some splurge money each month
*take that money and put it towards paying off your home or car

So if you hit it big ~

*use wisely
*take care of your own home & then bless others
*don't spend it all
*realize taxes are going to eat a big chunk of it
*remember where your blessings actually come from (its not the lottery)

Rant over!

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