Monday, December 7, 2015

My Buddy

Today my friend Angel posted a very cute video of her daughter Ragen reading a letter.   The letter written to Ragen was explaining that she would not be having a birthday party this year....her birthday is on Dec. 20.  And then she found out why....she and her mom and sisters (& maybe brother) are coming to our house to visit and go to the American Girl Store.  To say she is excited is an understatement ~ the same goes for me.  I can't wait to see them all, celebrate a birthday and shop for dolly goodies! 

Its unusual when life gives you a best friend that is in elementary school ~ but I have been blessed!  We haven't seen them since July.  My little buddies give the best hugs!  And I miss their mom too!  She and Amy and I spent many hours crafting. 

Most of the world may be counting down till Christmas ~ but my countdown just got added 2 days to it ~ Dec. 27 is the day!

So excited to see all my besties again! 

Thankful for ~
*an upcoming visit
*sweet phone calls
*I love you's
*happy tears
*awesome hugs
*girlie fun
*the 4 best bonus "grandchildren" in the world
*fun through the years
*a little girl who calls me her bestie


  1. Now I'm crying this morning! You will never know what you mean to her. She is so excited and asks me almost daily when are we ever going to see Mrs. Donna again? She's counting down here too.

    1. We need to invest in klennex! See y'all soon!


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