Thursday, December 10, 2015

It Only Takes a Spark ~

It only takes a spark to get a fire going ~ in this case a huge bonfire in our pasture the day after Thanksgiving.  What started out as a "hey can we do a bonfire" turned into a huge fire (arranged by my pyromaniacs James & Allen) and a really fun night.

We had lots of hot dog sticks ~ but the handles were too short ~ because of the heat, we couldn't get close enough to it to roast.  I believe it was my nephews who came up with the idea (brilliant) to pull some of the burning kindling/embers to the side and have a smaller roasting area. 

We had hot dogs, buns, ketchup/mustard, chips/dip, raw vegies/ranch dressing, and whats a bonfire without s'mores and loads of extra marshmallows.  Brenda and her crowd supplied the vegies/dip and drinks!  We hauled a couple of serving tables and chairs to the pasture and toted everything else in Gregs wagon.

4 family generations were out there ~ oldest was my mom and youngest was her great grandson Alvin.  My sister and her family came and Austin and his family were here.  It was Austin and his Moms birthday celebration also!  Amy baked him a cake so dessert also included Red Velvet cake.

Next time, we need more light out there ~ for walking to and from the gate and being able to see the little ones.  Although, they really did good out there ~ and probably ate way too many marshmallows or mushrooms as they called them.  I think at one point I heard them called mushmallows too.  Hey whatever works ~ toasted marshmallows are yummy!

Amy bought this Anchor at the Yellow Daisy Festival and painted it for Austin ~ he loves anchors

His red velvet cake had an anchor also

Robert waiting at his own table for his hot dog to be done

Mom used the seat on her walker as a table

Ben & Will working on hot dogs

my brother in law and sister ` Doug & Brenda

nephew Brian ~ who is heading to officer candidate school for the Marines in January


Me & Greg

my nephews Ben & Billy ~ Billy made a good naptime place for Thomas

Billy Kent roasting marshmallows

PaPa & Robert


Nephews Bobby & Billy & Austins cousin Taylor

Robert & great granny

I think Katie was cutting the cake

Amys gift to Tammy ~

sharing birthday cake

watching the fire

Our littlest honey

we are getting cold now!

the best wagon puller & pusher ever~  They got the wagon all the way to the sidewalk
Thankful for ~
simple, laid back fun with family
the bonfire idea
fun, safe times
lots of company
laughter around the campfire
sticky, gooey, yummy marshmallows
hot dogs roasted over a fire
4 awesome generations of family
the cousin visiting time afterwards
plans for the bonfire to be an annual tradition

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