Monday, November 16, 2015

Thankful for the "Next" Generation!

We are to the wonderful stage of grandparent-hood!  Lots of loving and spoiling when we are around the babies.  And I am blessed to be the great aunt of 4 awesome kids! 

The header picture was taken at Katie's baby shower in October ~ this is the only decent one out of about 20!  Decent as in ~ no fingers in mouths, eyes open, all in one frame, etc. I will show y'all the wiggly pictures later in the post.

L-R are: Grandson Aiden, Great Niece Hailey holding Great Nephew Daniel, then Grandsons Thomas, Alvin & Robert (brothers). 

Thankful for ~
family time
4 grandsons
1 great niece
3 great nephews (Haileys older brothers aren't in the picture above)
being closer to family
digital cameras ~ so you can pick & choose pictures
an automatic flash!  (who remembers those little Kodak cube flashbulbs?)
special occasions
in laws & out laws

Now more pictures ~

love the way Aiden is checking out Daniel!

I think Daniel poked him in the eye ~ guess its payback for Aiden poking him earlier.

6 bundles of Joy
1 princess & her little princes

Aunt Jennifer meets Alvin

Mommy ~ Alvin looks like he's had enough excitement

Great Granny & great grandson #4

Auntie Amys old doll stroller is getting a workout!

Aiden grudgingly stopped playing for a picture!

Amy's awesome Minion cupcakes for the shower!

2 generations of cousins! my niece Megan, son Allen, & her son Daniel

l-r my cousin Mandy (sitting), Megan holding Daniel, Hailey, niece Becky (Megans sister & Haileys mom), & Granny

best box of the day!

Minion hats from Aunt Mamie, my sister in law Lorrie is to the right of Robert

Mamie did good with this gift ~ this boy loves minions!

Daniel loved playing with cousin Allen ~ Aiden wasn't too excited to share his daddy

Aunt Donna & Hailey ~ this girl loved Amys bunnys and the chickens!

sketti faces at dinner!

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