Tuesday, August 18, 2015

We are Still Here!

We are still here!  Life has been exceedingly busy around here.

Highlights (or lowlights)

Greg has been ripping up our "lovely" blue carpet from the dining/living room and replacing it with hardwood floors.  It looks immensely better.  We are using the same flooring we put in our bedroom in MS from Home Depot.

I worked at our local ginormous (translation~really, really big) childrens consignment sale 4 different days and Greg worked with me on 2 of them.  We got enough credits to get all the grand young'uns loads of clothes.  Cost to us was about $26.

We did an IKEA trip with Andy and AmyKate to look around and eat lunch.

Helped Mom clean some stuff out.  She is about to put her house on the market.

Our little Aiden turns a year old tomorrow!  Can't believe is been a year!

And our `next little blessing, Alvin, will arrive in the next couple of weeks.

We are going to enter the local fair next month.  We've got some stuff that we were going to enter in Miss., so we're kind of ready for it! 

Amy and I had our first crafting day, today.  Its been months since we had all day to work together.  Just needed Angel here to make the day complete.

Greg set our stupid rooster free last week.  The rooster had a terrible, possessive attitude over our chicken coop.  He didn't want us anywhere near the coop.  He had to go.  He was set free about 50 miles from here.

Greg fulfilled one of his farmer dreams....and is now the proud owner of a tractor. 

The weather has cooled off a little.  And we've had some torrential rain storms. 

Ready for football season to start~

Bye till I turn on the laptop again!


  1. Wow, it sounds like you've been quite busy!

  2. "Greg fulfilled one of his farmer dreams....and is now the proud owner of a tractor.". Details please! If it's an old grey Ferguson, I'm unfollowing... Fordsons Forever!

    1. You don't have to unfollow.....its a Ford! I told him he needed to post pictures and blog about it soon! donna


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