Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Goings On!

Good grief, it is hot.  I am getting weary of hot days and so ready for cooler fall temperatures!  I am missing the pool.

We planted a fall garden and will see what comes up ~ and what the deer leave alone.  We did plant more green beans, some zuchinni & yellow squash, and pumpkins. 

School starts in our county tomorrow and I know more will be started by Thursday and Friday.  We've been able to take advantage of some great back to school deals at Staples and Office Depot and get stuff for our shoebox gifts for Operation Christmas Child.

This past weekend, Greg, Amy and I drove back to Miss. for the closing on a trailer we owned ~ yippee, its sold!  Then we drove to Hattiesburg to meet her young man and his parents for dinner ~ we sat there for well over 2 hours, visiting, eating & enjoying the fellowship.  Sat., Amy and Austin drove around meeting some of his relatives, eating lunch and seeing a movie.  Greg and I had a great lunch visit with some friends down there and then went over to his parents house and spent the afternoon.  Again, great fellowship and laughter.

We joined a church here in GA a couple of weeks ago, and joined the choir also.  Its fun to be praising the Lord with other believers.  Christmas music starts soon!  There are about 40 in the choir and they have an orchestra.  We've found a Sunday School class we like,  This church also has a Sunday night service and a Wed. night service. 

We have gotten to the stage in some of our rooms of being able to hang pictures!  Gregs got the bathroom painted, the cabinet hung above the potty, a shelf hung for my essential oils, pictures hung and our towel bars are hung!  The sewing room is getting organized but still not completely there.  I did get a small table runner done from a kit I purchased 2 years ago in New York.  The laundry room has 2 shelves now, so that room is getting organized too.  My clothes line is quite near the driveway door so its very convenient to use.  And that hot weather that I am tired of, does do a good job at drying our clothes.  We've go to decide on flooring for the living room, dining area and kitchen ~ and also decide what to do about the kitchen cabinets (sorry major big box chainstore, we are not paying $27,000 for you to resurface our cabinets and hang new doors ~ and yes, that is an actual quote we were given!). Greg is at a woodworking class, learning how to make cabinet doors ~ I am willing to bet, he can do it for much less that 27,000!

James is really liking being at Caterpillar.  He has trained at 4 different stations on the line now ~ every bit of his training and accomplishing these tasks makes him a more valuable employee.  He seems to be doing fine with the odd hours 5pm to 3:30am.  Its been just 4 days a week, but this week will add in Fridays and possibly Sat. 

One of the first things we did when we moved, was get new library cards.  The library has an awesome program where you can link your kindle up to a site and access 1000's of books for free! I couldn't get my kindle to connect, so we went back on Thursday and a librarian up there got mine and Gregs connected.  Since we got this great, new venue for free books, we did cancel our prime unlimited book subscription with Amazon.

love this pin!
Thankful for ~

true friends
time with Greg
Andy & Amy moving to GA
Andy & Amy's new jobs
Aidens first birthday ~ this month
our 4th grandsons arrival at the end of the month!
time with my mom
a new church
watching the blessings pour out from the Lord!!!!!

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