Friday, August 28, 2015


I am thankful for ~

*being on baby alert ~ #4 grandson is due in 2 days
*Aidens great one year checkup today ~ he is currently not thankful for his 4 shots!
*time with Greg
*our 10 year anniversary next week
*shopping days with Mom
*coupons!  Makes shopping days fun!
*getting projects completed
*My Jamberry pedicure by my daughter in law Amy Kate ~ I have sparkly polka dot toenails. 
*Chickens laying eggs!  We love fresh eggs.
*Temps cooling just a little. Mid to upper 80's during the day and 60's some nights.
*my new livingroom & dining room (actually one big L shaped room) floor.
*finding the flooring we want for the kitchen
*looking forward to spending a couple of days with Robert & Thomas when their little brother comes ~ I anticipate lots of bubbles, building blocks, and reading books. 
*for $4 meals at Steak and Shake and $5 meals at KFC. Of course adding a shake to the steak and shake meal does increase that $4 price.

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