Monday, August 24, 2015

Action Packed Weekend

We started our weekend with a day trip to South Carolina to visit Katie and our grandboys ~ just a 2 hour trip from the farm!

We spent the day playing, blowing bubbles, riding bikes, taking pictures, reading lots of books numerous times, watching "Cars", eating pizza, taking a nap, protecting the backyard with a stick gun (as Katie says, Robert will be the kid who gets expelled from school for eating his sandwich into a gun shape and powing someone ~ everything is a gun to him), looking a new clothes from the consignment sale, and eating enchiladas for dinner when Bryant got home from work.  Miss Katie is 1 week from her due date with son #3, so we will be making another trip quite soon! 

Andy & AmyKate came on Sat. and stayed through Sunday!  Andy, Greg, Will, & James got the flooring in the livingroom completely finished and the furniture set back up. It looks awesome.  Greg cooked ribs and Granny joined us for dinner.  Amy Kate sells Jamberry Nails and she gave me a pedicure on Sat. night and put my jamberries on ~ so now my toenails are pink with tiny multicolored polkadots. 

Sunday morning was church ~ with Andy, AmyK and Granny joining us ~ we packed an entire row at church.  Then lunch at home and off to Aidens first birthday party.

Lots of goodies to eat, presents to open, little ones to hold, toys to play with!  Aiden did great during the festivities and loved having little kids around.  My great niece Hailey (age 4) & my great nephew Daniel (16 weeks) came.  Aiden got lots of new toys & clothes & remarkably enough, none of his toys were duplicates of any other gift or anything he already had.  (The year monopoly jr. came out, between James birthday on 12-18 and Christmas Day, I think he received 4 or 5).

Here are some pictures!

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