Saturday, May 9, 2015


We are TIRED!  We've packed up James' home and moved him to GA.  He is going to camp out in Will's room till Will gets there ~ then I guess live in our RV.

We corralled our 17 chickens into a large doge pen and put it in the RV.  Greg had to ride with the windows down because ~ hey, it was 17 chickens!  And chicken wrangling pre-7am is a challenge!  Then we had to get them into the pen under the sunroom while we finished the coop.  The coop got done today, so another wrangling session which resulted in sore backs & headaches for the wranglers ~ mostly Amy and Greg. 

The lawn tractor got fixed and we picked it up today, so Greg cut the back 40 ~ actually, 2 acres.

The garden is coming in ~ we've got some squash, pumpkins, watermelons, green beans, and corn. 

Amy got a job at the chick fil a here and starts this week.  We got to go to an orientation with her, tour behind the scenes, and then got dinner compliments of chick fil a.  Then over to Allens to play with our little buddy.  He is now 8 months old and quite the busy little fellow.

Our multiple trips to the hardware store have resulted in bathroom accessories ~ towel bars, toilet paper holders, etc.  Plus the stuff to finish the coop.  My buddy Angel shared with us their idea for using a screen door for the door to the coop, so we bought one.  Works great!  We will have to reinforce the screen on the bottom so that no country creatures help themselves to a chicken dinner.

Amy has cleaned out the mess left in the basement.  I think she has 3 cans of garbage for trash day next week.

We are camping out in our new bedroom.  Quite comfy on our extra cushy air matresses and quilts.  We brought over some of our dishes, cups, mugs, etc. so now we have some stuff to use in our new kitchen.  We cooked bacon & eggs this morning.

Tomorrow is Mothers Day!  I get to celebrate the day with my mom, husband, and 2 of my children.  Plus my sister and her family! 

This farming is hard work!  I am thankful I get to travel on this journey with my best friend. 

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  1. Moving is always hard. Try to relax and get some rest.


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