Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Inside Of The New House!

There is a lot we are going to change on the inside of the house ~ some will be immediately and some big ticket items will  be a little later.  Most of the wall paper will go ~ if you love wallpaper, that's fine.  I don't have anything against it ~ if its pretty, not peeling off the wall, and not shiny.  This house has some interesting wall paper choices.  The living room/dining area is ok, its not a major, we must pull this down now...Amys room is a different story!

Heres some before shots ~

This will be a big pantry room ~ we are going to remove the shelf and probably cabinets and put Amys big baking table here. The rest of the room will be our stainless steel shelves and freezer.  The room will be painted, probably the gray color we used here in the dining room/living room since we have almost a gallon left.  Should be enough for here and the laundry room.

Master Bath ~ eventually this will be gone...the lights and wallpaper will be gone quickly.

I don't like the blue cabinet doors, but I love the pull out shelves.

kitchen view from the dining area.  We would like to do an Ikea kitchen one day!

This is a pretty small extra room ~ one day it will be a big master bath, for now it will be an office/sitting room

Sunroom/Gregs pool hall/relaxing & playing space!  Overlooks back pastures & barn

cool closet system

view from front door ~ this wall paper is ok, not fond of the light blue carpet

This room opens off the driveway and other end goes to kitchen ~ this is my sewing room!  The open door beside the clock is the laundry room and on the other side of the clock is the pantry room.

One thing that will be an immediate change is the laundry room.  Right when you walk in the door is a sink and cabinet , very convenient but the bottom cabinet goes almost to the front of her washer.  The problem here is, her washer is a top load, so it fits fine, mine is a front load, so we wont be able to open the door!  We are going to remove that cabinet and sink and put in a smaller one so our stuff will fit! 
Closing is in 1 1/2 weeks!
I am very thankful I have a handy man husband & some strong sons willing to help!

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