Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Advent Conspiracy

This morning I discovered a new blog (new to me) that I am enjoying reading.  The link to the blog is  It is written by a Mennonite wife/mom and the focus is Living Simply In Order to Give.  AWESOME!

I clicked on a page to read entitled A New Tradition ( After reading that post I clicked on the link that took me to "The Advent Conspiracy".  Their link is ~  scroll down the page and click on the tv to listen and watch the clip.

It encompasses what we are moving toward in our family.  We've cut down on some gift giving & are focusing on family gifts.  We are giving through missions ~ to help others go on mission trips, to help fund special projects (like a well in Haiti), and thoroughly enjoying our Operation Christmas child boxes and volunteering time with that organization.

We still do gifts ~ I love gifts....both receiving and giving.  But it shouldn't be the focus of our entire year....and yes, I am guilty.

The theme of the Advent Conspiracy it ~

*Worship Fully
*Spend Less
*Give More
*Love All

Check out the links!  I am going back to the blog and read more!


  1. Thanks for sharing this: I'm not a Mennonite, but I have a LOT of time for the 'style' of their faith and I'm going to enjoy the blog for sure! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I'm not a Mennonite but I have a lot of respect for the 'style' of their faith. I think I'll enjoy their blog for sure!


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