Monday, April 20, 2015

Farm House!

We closed last week, and took "possession" of our new house on Saturday morning.  Then the fun began ~ we had lots of helpers ~ Granny, my sister Brenda, niece Bethany, nephew Ben, and son James.  Andy & Amy Kate came on Saturday afternoon and helped us all day Sunday till they had to head back home.  Plus, me, Greg and Amy.

There are so many different projects to do that it is hard to concentrate on just one or two.  But, our first ones were ~ ripping the peeling wallpaper down out of Amy's new room and demo the old cabinets out of the laundry room and redo it.

The boys got the cabinets down out of the laundry room and the new pantry room.  Ahhhh, a nice clean slate!  It took the better part of 2 days to rip off the wallpaper, spackle holes, sand and get the walls ready for paint. 

Our new yard has loads of azalea bushes and they are gorgeous!  Also, lots of iris bulbs are coming up and blooming.

This will be my new sewing/craft room!

Laundry room before demo.  The sink and cabinet had to go because mine is a front load washer and the door wouldn't open!


Ben obviously doesn't like wallpaper!

Ben & James starting the cabinet removal

Mom washed out all my kitchen drawers and cabinets~

putting the steamer to work on her walls!

Greg got in on the demo

AmyKate working on wallpaper

Steaming ~ Day 2

James working on the walls

Andy took the falling apart closet doors down and removed the tracks.

And he put up Amys new ceiling fan

Mondays project ~ recover the old linoleum

Yay!  Its doneished!

Mom potted some plants for us!

Greg and Amy starting to paint her walls.  Coat one is done, coat two is tomorrow!

And I don' have any pictures of my sister ~ and since I took all the pictures, there are none of me.

We got lots done and have "only just begun"!


  1. "Many hands make light work" ... or something like that! Kinda looks like fun!

  2. I just love restoring older homes! Enjoy the process of making it your own :-) Gorgeous flowers! Have a great day!


  3. I wish I was there helping. My favorite thing in the world to do!

  4. Love all the help you are getting. I know they are so glad to have you all back closer. Your farm and farmhouse are wonderful!!

  5. What a wonderful crew of helpers! You'll have things ship shape in no time, I'm sure. Best wishes in your new home. I hope you love it!


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