Saturday, April 11, 2015

19 Years Ago

19 years ago (tomorrow), the Lord blessed our family with an incredible gift ~ a baby girl.  Amy Lynn came into this world at 1:19 pm, weighing 8 pounds, 5 ounces and had a full head of black hair.  She has always been our animal lover & advocate & expert, our creative child, our drama queen, our sensitive child and one of my best friends! She loves the Lord & serving on Mission Trips ~ Oklahoma, Memphis, New York, & Canada!  She loves dogs, bunnies, alpacas, stuffed animals, celebrations, children, teaching, reading, baking & cupcakes.  Chocoholic is not a strong enough word for how much she loves chocolate!  Second to chocolate would be coca cola.  Her favorite family vacations are the beach & Disney World. 

Happy Birthday Amy Lynn!  I love you!

Auntie Amy & Robert

Adoption Day 2007 ~ Greg adopted Amy and I adopted Katie & Will!

Maid of Honor at Katies wedding


My last homeschool graduate!  And the only one who homeschooled every year!

Amy loved ballet!

Yay!  She has sisters ~ Katie, Amy Kate & Jennifer!

Tomorrow we will celebrate with family! 


  1. Sending a very happy birthday wish for Amy! I hope this has been a special day for her.

  2. Happy Birthday, Amy! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. Happy birthday, Amy! I love you, girl. What a blessing you are to your family. I pray God continues to bless you fully! You have a beautiful life ahead.

  4. Happy Birthday Amy. Those pictures really show what a beautiful light you have inside.


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