Friday, March 20, 2015

With a Chick, Chick here & A Chick, Chick There......

Amy and I have anticipated this day for months ~ its baby chick day!  We had fun at the co op picking up our little future egg layers ~~~~~

Amy found a little set up on Pinterest using a kiddie pool for chicks.  She put up her mesh wire "fence" around it and found our chick waterer and feeder.  Everything got cleaned and set up for our new arrivals.  Greg stopped and bought us a new light to keep the little ones warm (we decided not to use the old light when sparks came out of it when Amy plugged it in!)!

We got 15 ~ every chick may just be named chick ~  maybe my grandson can come up with some chicken names for us.  We got 5 black laced gold wyandots, 5 dominques, and 5 easter eggers.  Lots of chirping going on in our garage! 

In 20-24 weeks, we start getting fresh eggs!  Yum!


  1. So cute! I know that isn't the point, but I can't help it! What are Easter eggers? We have a guy at church who brings eggs nearly every week to share with the church members. The favorites are the green eggs, which apparently taste different from regular eggs ... who knew?


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