Saturday, March 7, 2015

Selling Our House

I had no idea that selling a house had become such a "business" in itself.  You don't just pick an agent, stick a sign in the yard, and wait for the buyers to line up for your house. 

You have to go through each and every room with an agent and her "stager" to see what is best for each room.  They don't want your house to look like someone lives here ~ it needs to look generic.  The whole downstairs has been thoroughly scrutinized and analyzed.  I guess our "to do" list is relatively short compared to some.

Paint the dining room and the living room ~ we are going with a gray that is a couple of shades lighter than the kitchen, paint the master bathroom to match the bedroom, paint the laundry room (it really needed it!).  Take all our pictures off the walls, clean off all surfaces.  The hardest pictures to pack away were of my little buddies are packed in a box ~ oh, that hurt.  They also think the house will sell better with brushed nickel faucets, knobs, etc. instead of gold.  In all the houses we looked at ~ actually just a few before we decided (about 6), I never walked into a bathroom and said....forget the whole house, I hate the faucet.  But, we are changing them....or Greg is spray painting them ~ we love rustoleum!

We do have the option to say "no way" to some of these they asked for Amy's stainless steel table and stuff to be put, she uses that stuff for her cupcake business. 

We've removed the pictures.  Greg has patched the nail holes.  We bought the paint.  The laundry room is done.  Dining room is tomorrow.  Living room is next week. 

After this is done ~ they will invade us again and bring a photographer with them ~ then our house will be staged and pictures taken.

Greg is considering a slight rebellion and putting a picture back on the fridge of our little buddies ~ after all, they are the worlds cutest grandsons (at least to us!).


  1. You still have to live! :-) Lord willing the sale will be quick for you and the sterile environment will only have to be endured briefly. We sold our home 2 years ago and God blessed abundantly by bringing us a signed contract in just 3 days!
    Blessings on the journey~

  2. Wow! 3 days would be awesome! Thanks for the encouragement!


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