Friday, March 27, 2015

Jackson Family Farm ~ debut!

Here is our new home!  So far, we will be joined in this venture with 3 of our children, 6 dogs, 20 chicks, and 1 rabbit.  Lots of room for a garden, more animals, a swingset for the grands, enough land for Greg to get a tractor, and hopefully a pool one day.  All the negotiations are done, the deal is signed, closing is in 2 weeks.

front from the driveway ~ we are going to add a large deck to the front

large garage which will most likely be Gregs woodworking shop and our ceramics studio

The barn

Back of the house

side/back view ~ the opening on the bottom left is an unfinished basement room ~ may be a bunny habitat

Front yard from the driveway to the far tree line is ours,  the fence is right across the road at the neighbors house

view of the sunroom ~ the pool table, rattan furniture, and little tikes grandbaby stuff is going out there.

Our new backyard! it extends about 100 yards past the barn. The guy on the other side of the fence boards horses.

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  1. Looks wonderful! I am sure y'all will be very happy there. My dream is to someday move out of the city to a similar place in the country.


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