Monday, February 23, 2015

Why the Name? and More!

Honestly, we put the s on the end of farm because to us, Jacksons Farm sounded weird. 

I was kinda leaning toward "Little House in the Country" but Greg like Jackson Farms better ~ seeing as we are Jacksons and all that!

Our "farm" will have lots of uses ~ gardens (mom has already requested lots of green beans), fruit trees, chickens, maybe pigs, bunnies, wood working shop, possibly a ceramics business, cupcake business, and more!  And a place where grandkids can romp, play, create, ride bikes, etc.~

A realtor came and looked at our house yesterday ~ we've got a little bit of work to do ~ some painting and such.  She will be coming back with a stager to see whats best for each room. 

The garage looks like the attic upchucked in it ~ because it did!  We are getting somewhat bogged down because we are finding some awesome stuff ~ pictures, family treasures, our childrens childhood goodies, cards, etc.

*Another week ~ another change....we decided on Jackson Family Farm.  It will be a family venture, on one piece of land!

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