Friday, February 20, 2015


Our lives have been changing and "evolving" for the almost 10 years of our marriage ~  6 of our 7 children have graduated from high school, our homeschooling years are over, 4 of the 6 have flown the coop and established their own households, 3 o the 6 are married, 2 of the 6 have children!  On a sidenote ~ being a MaMa (grandma) is AWESOME!

We've also been anticipating the date that Greg is eligible to retire.  He's been counting down the days for several years.  And with the customs of today when people change jobs all the time ~ sticking with one job for 25 years is quite the accomplishment.  The magical "I am eligible to retire" date is April 1st......this year!

We've decided to retire and move!  We are downsizing!  Not "tiny house" downsizing but it will be a big difference to us.  We are currently cleaning out.  We've got 3 piles ~ a keep, a trash, and a donate.  We've found lots of treasures ~ 1 found some Disney tickets ~ remember E tickets?  I have 1!  Greg found some money~stuck in envelopes and put in a box, probably from his desk at their old house.  We even found a box of stuff that wasn't even ours, I guess from the people that lived here before.  We have a box for each of the children ~ we are distributing treasures as we find them.

And, I will have to change the name of the blog.  Because the name Mississippi Mama will be a lie ~ we aren't going to be in Mississippi.  We are relocating to Georgia ~ where I grew up and lived until Greg and I got married. 

We've made one trip over and taken a trailer full of valuables.  Mom has a huge basement that we can store our goods in.  We've looked at houses and narrowed it down to what we have named "the grandma house"....there was a grandma in it when we looked at it!  Its a ranch style house on 4+ acres.  The land is cleared and the back pastures are fenced and ready for animals and a huge garden.  Chickens are a definite and possibly pigs too.  The dogs will have lots of room to run.  If its not this house ~ then it will probably be something similar. 

This area is 9 miles from my mom, 13 miles from Allen, and just 2 hours from Katie.  Andy & AmyKate were already talking about moving to Atlanta after he graduates in May. 

We are excited, nervous, anxious, thrilled, scared, and loving our dreams for the future!

Mississippi Mama & MaMa is now officially "Jackson Farms"! 

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