Thursday, January 8, 2015

What to Pack

What to pack for a Mission Trip ~ Overseas

*A prayerful spirit, good attitude, joyful expectation
*Your smile ~ it can leap over any language barrier if its genuine
*Your Bible, either the actual book or an ereader version ~ mine is on the kindle

Now for the practical stuff

*money to exchange for local currency
*prepackaged snacks for your daily backpack
*Bug spray, bite cream
*allergy medication, Tylenol, vitamins, prescription meds
*lightweight blanket (some places don't have covers & the air conditioner setting are 2 ~ off & on)
*large towel (theirs are small)
*comfortable shoes, more than one pair ~ it could rain!
*a rain jacket & umbrella
*a personal backpack ~ easy to carry and leaves your hands free
*an extension cord, and any chargers for electronic devices
*something to do for "down" times ~ cross stitch, reading, game to play, craft, etc.
*tiny first aid kit ~ moleskin, band aids, Neosporin, gauze pads
*treats/gifts for your interpreters
*camera, extra batteries or the charger (very thankful for digital as opposed to rolls of film!)
*hand sanitizer & wipes.....lots of wipes
*travel size personal items ~ shampoo, conditioner, makeup, soap, deodorant, toothpaste, etc.
*sunscreen & hats ~ the warmth is awesome, the suns rays can be brutal
*light weight, comfortable clothes, mix & match items are great

What to leave at home

*your ego
*any preconceived notions
*your agenda

We are very excited to have this opportunity to serve the Lord in Honduras ~ again!  2 more weeks!

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