Wednesday, January 7, 2015

My Rant for the Day

We enter the fair every year for the fun, for the ribbons, and for the commission attached to each ribbon.  By commission I mean that each item in each category is worth so much $$ depending on whether its a blue ribbon or a red ribbon.  It is very fun to go to the fair and see the stuff displayed and see what ribbon your items were awarded.

If you have the most items with the most blue ribbons entered in the fair ~ you earn an extra $$.  This year and last, Amy and I had the most.  Her for the youth category and me for the adult.

The checks usually arrive in November.  Last year we received them in December.

This year, they told us in November it would be Dec.  Then they told us after the first of the year.  Today, they said a couple of more months.  So shouldn't they have told us when we entered that there could be a delay or that there would be a delay?  (The State started using a new "banking" system)


We follow all sorts of rules to enter.  Jump through many hoops to have everything just so.  Some of the fair folks have been downright nasty and negative about some of the entries that don't suit their "tastes".  But we've continued to do it because of the reasons listed in paragraph 1.  You have 1 day to drop your items off ~ and by 1 day, I mean about 8 hours. (thanks Angel!) Pick up is 1 day, about 5 hours. 

If we were only talking $20 or so $$ then maybe I wouldn't be so aggravated.  But its almost $300.  Amy's is over $200.  That's a chunk of change.

SO, they may not see me next year.  And I've heard that others feel the same way.  If 6 or 8 of us don't enter ~ its gonna be slim pickin's in the craft categories next fall at the fair.

Hummmmmm, if they are so fond of MY money, how 'bout we just subtract that amount from any tax money due the state on April 15th?  No, I would be the one who go penalized and fined for not paying on time. 

Rant over ~ but still fuming! 

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