Monday, July 21, 2014

Propecy Fulfilled part 3 & Bible History

Prophecy                                    Fulfilled                             Subject 

Psalm 35:19                               Mark 14:57-58                   hated without reason
Isaiah 53:5                                 Romans 5:6-8                    vicarious strife
Isaiah 52:12                               Mark 15:27-28                  crucified with sinners
Zechariah 12:10                         John 20:27                        pierced hands and feet
Psalm 22:7-8                             Luke 23:35                        sneered and mocked
Psalm 69:9                                Romans 15:3                     was reproached
Psalm 109:4                               Luke 23:34                       prayer for His enemies
Psalm 22:17-18                         Matthew 27:35-36            gambled for His clothing
Psalm 22:1                                Matthew 27:46                  forsaken by God
Psalm 34:20                              John 19:32-33;36              no bones broken
Zechariah 12:10                        John 19:34                         His side pierced
Isaiah 53:9                                 Matthew 27:57-60            buried with the rich
Psalm 16:10, 49:15                   Mark 16:6-7                       to be resurrected
Psalm 68:18                              Mark 16:19                         ascends to God's right hand
                                                  1 Corinthians 15:4
                                                  Ephesians 4:8

Over and over it was prophesied of the coming Messiah, the Lord Jesus Christ.  The New Testment verses are validation of those Old Testament Prophecies.  There are also many historical texts that give witness to the validity & truth of the Bible.  Ancient authors write about these events in the context of 'history' as opposed to religion.

*The Bible was one of the first major books ever translated from Hebrew to Greek ~ around 250 BC.
*It has now been translated into more than 2.200 languages
*The Old Testament has 39 books written approximately 1500-400 BC.
*The New Testament has 27 books written 45-100 AD.
*About 40% of the Bible is prophecy.
*Approximately 300 of the prophecies were fulfilled through the person of Jesus Christ.

The Bible was written by more than 40 authors from every walk of life ~ kings, military leaders, peasants, philosophers, fishermen, tax collectors, tent makers, poets, musicians, statesmen, scholars, and shepherds.

The Bible was written in different places ~ wilderness, dungeon, hillside, inside prison walls, while traveling, exiled on an island & on 3 continents ~ Asia, Africa & Europe.

The Bible was written in 3 languages ~ Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek.

The Bible never contradicts itself but in fact over the 1500 years it was written ~ it validates itself through the different writers, most of which never knew each other.

The Bible is Gods words of instruction, encouragement, discipleship, correction, love, prophecy, admonishment, guide for daily living, and so much more. 

If you would like a copy of the Bible & a CD about salvation ~ please leave me a note in the comments section with your name and address and I will be glad to mail these to you.

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