Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Down Sizing

There is a new show on TV called "Tiny House Nation" ~ we've watched a couple of episodes.

While I can really understand downsizing, I do not understand this "movement".  These folks are going from  1500 - 3000 square foot houses to 175 - 350 square foot houses.  These spaces are tiny. 

One thing the host of the show has the families do is go through their belongings and toss what they no longer want or need ~ sounds easy.  The catch is, the stuff they get to keep has to all fit in a plastic tote.  At least each person gets their own tote!  But good grief ~ that's just clothes & shoes.  What about books? craft items? the kitchenaid mixer? picture albums/scrapbooks? school supplies? tools? computer equipment? pets? canning supplies? furniture? childrens toys?

While I fully realize we all have lots of stuff, and in many cases too much stuff (I am guilty) ~ this just seems really extreme to me.  I could whittle out a bunch of stuff ~ and do for the church mission garage sale every year ~ I don't want to get rid of everything.  There should be a happy medium somewhere ~ McMansion to closet is crazy.

But then, there wouldn't be a new tv show.

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