Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Old Testament Prophecy part 1

Our Sunday School class is doing a study of the Bible ~ as in, how it came into being ~ what went into the making of our Bible ~ why some ancient manuscripts were part of the scripture & some were not.

Sunday we did a study on Old Testament Prophecy that was fulfilled in the New Testament.  The OT prophets did not see the fulfillment of the prophecy they shared with the people from the Lord.  Most of the time, they relayed the message the Lord spoke to them & didn't know what the meaning of the prophecy was.

Here is the beginning part of the study ~ I am going to break it up over several days!

Prophecy                                    Fulfilled                              Subject
Genesis 3:15                              Galatians 4:4                       seed of a woman
Genesis 12:3                               Matthew 1:1                       descendant of Abraham
Genesis 17:19                             Luke 3:34                           descendant of Isaac
Numbers 24:17                           Matthew 1:2                       descendant of Jacob
Genesis 49:10                             Luke 3:33                           from the tribe of Judah
Isaiah 9:7                                    Luke 1:32-33                      heir to David's throne
Psalms 45:6-7, 102:25-27          Hebrews 1:8-12                  anointed and eternal
Micah 5:2                                   Luke 2:4-7                          born in Behtlehem
Daniel 9:25                                Luke 2:1-2                          time of His birth
Isaiah 7:14                                 Luke 1:27-31                      Virgin Birth
Jeremiah 31:15                          Matthew 2:16-18                Children slaughtered
Hosea 11:1                                Matthew 2:14-15                 Flight to Egypt
Isaiah 40:3-5                              Luke 3:3-6                          the Way prepared

I am thankful for Truth that comes from the scriptures and for the OT & NT comparisons that show the Lords perfect plan for His Son from the beginning of time.

Psalm 105:1

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