Friday, July 11, 2014

Busy Days

Life is taking a turn for the busy ~

Last week while Amy was at Street Reach ~ Greg and I went to the coast overnight and enjoyed spending time together.  We ate some yummy seafood for lunch and dinner, swam in the hotel pool, and toured Beauvoir (Beautiful View) which was Jefferson Davis' home.  For those that may be wondering who in the world is Jefferson Davis ~ he was the President of the Confederacy in the War of Northern Aggression! 

Work at the shop continues ~ we are still sorting molds and I swear they multiply overnight.  With the temps being in the 90's most days ~ working in a warehouse is a hot,sweaty, messy deal.  Some days we work from 10-1 or 2 and then take a 2 hour the shop to eat lunch and work on our ceramics projects.  Then we go back to work till 6 or so.  Greg is coming in the afternoons after work to lift heavy stuff and pour molds.

I learned how to pour the molds a couple of weeks ago and how to clean them up after drying for 24 hours.  It is messy & fun.  I love this part of the job!  But, there will be things I can't lift and neither can the shop owner, and that's where Gregs part time job comes in.  He loves this creative part too and is counting this as his workout everyday ~ or most days.  Amy learned how to pour this week and really likes it too! 

I am so ready for the molds to be completely sorted.  Through the sorting process we have found some treasures that go straight to the pouring table, because we want them.  The owner has sets of items ordered ~ nativity sets & canister sets ~ so we are pouring those as we find them.  Its exciting to get whole sets put together but its a long process.  The stack of molds is slowly diminishing but I am really ready for the mold Fairy to come a couple of nights and get 'er done.  She could also type and update the mold inventory.  Thus far, she hasn't shown up but I can still hope!

Its odd to be working away from home after all these years ~ but nice to make some money.  The first 3 or 4 weeks, I worked for store credit ~ so all my projects are "free".  Plus all my supplies.  Then I switched to earning a check...Money plus the previous store credit is a good thing!

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