Monday, June 2, 2014


This is Vacation Bible School (VBS) week at our church.  Amy is helping lead the music and caretaker of a group of preschoolers.  It is still weird for her to drive off in her car alone, but it sure is helpful since she has to be at the church 45 minutes to an hour before Greg and I have to be there.

In past years, we've cooked dinners for all the kids and adults every night.  While that is a great advantage for working parents, it just wasn't feasible for this year.  And we did note that most of the kids in a large group setting just picked at their food & fooled around and didn't consume the meal.  Lots of food was tossed.  And these were very kid friendly meals ~ chicken strips/fries, spaghetti, hot dogs/chips, etc. I guess its more fun to talk/visit, instead of eat dinner. This year, we are just doing Snocones & cookies for snack.  With the temps hovering near 90 (when its not raining) the cold snocones are a treat.

We also set up a break room for the teachers with treats just for them ~ and a cooler filled with ice, water, and soft drinks.  While their kids are at games and being supervised, they can take a break and get their own treat!  Church members donated home baked goods & prepackaged snacks for the volunteers.

The Theme this year is "International Spy Academy" that is published by Answers in Genesis.  All of the crafts/games/stories/songs relate to the theme and teach the children about searching out the One True God.  We've got 80+ little spies all over the church ~ focusing their fun & efforts on learning about the Lord.

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