Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Beach

Ocean Breezes
Ferry Boat Ride
Sand (Greg HATES sand)

Greg, Amy and I took an impromptu trip to Gulfport after church on Sunday and stayed overnight, then rode the ferry out to Ship Island ~ about 11 miles off the coast in the Gulf.  The best $25 we spent was on beach chairs and an umbrella.  There is a snack bar, restroom facilities and Fort Massachusetts on the Island ~ and sand.....lots of sand!

The water was crystal clear ~ which was kind of different as you saw everything that swam past you ~ right past your legs...in between the you and the person a couple of feet from you.  Schools of fish being chased by something a little larger than them....Amy swears to was a little shark.  Guess it could have been, it did look different than the fishies.  And we "swam" with dolphins ~ well, we were in their water and they were another 100 yards from us, Amy said that doesn't qualify but I am counting it!

For someone who HATES sand ~ my husband was certainly a good sport and planned a fun time for us.  We may make this an annual tradition! 

Between the 3 of us, we used an entire, brand new container of sunscreen.  It doesn't look like Amy put any on at all ~ she is well done.  And yes, she was covered in it and reapplied several times.

After Hurricane Katrina destroyed many of the old trees ~ artists came & carved them into statues!

They carved dolphins, eagles, fish, pelicans, etc.  all up and down the Miss. coast

THANK YOU to the men & women who serve our country & especially the ones who gave their lives for our freedom!

Fried shrimp dinner

fried catfish dinner ~ shrimp was better

love these colorful houses

Fort Massachussets

these birds loved our ritz crackers

we think these were carp ~ they were swimming under the dock while we waited for the ferry to come back.
A few beach observations ~ just because they make a bikini in your size...doesn't mean you should buy it!  And if your beer keg belly overlaps your bikini bottoms ~ well, someone should have told that gal that was not the look for her.  For all the idiot college kids that were there ~ the English language has some lovely words that you should practice using ~ not just ones that begin with s or f.  And I don't care about your s.. life, or your partying ~ grow up. 

Since you can only reach the island by boat ~ it did cut down greatly on the crowds.  Some folks came out on their own boats or rented boats ~ which we think sounds like a great idea.  They were anchored all around the small island.  They also had the advantage in that they were not right at the more crowded area.  Things to think about for next time.

A cooler was a must ~ and the snack bag!  Next time, more than 1 sunscreen!  A float or 2 would be nice also! And some grandboys to build sand castles with!  But what you haul in ~ you also haul out! 

Thanks Greg!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time. I feel for Amy. No matter how much sun screen I use I still burn. Maybe that's why I like camping and the woods with lots of trees. LOL

    1. Its unusual for Amy to burn. She is usually the darkest person in the family, naturally. The Cherokee Indian came out in her and she was born with a "tan". We love the beach!

  2. That is a beautiful pic of Amy! When I was little, about 7 or 8, we went to Ship Island and collected seashells. We spent the night at my uncle's apartment and my sister and I slept on the floor. The next morning we awoke to our seashells crawling across the floor right by our noses! Neither of us knew what crabs were and we went running and screaming to Mama and Daddy! looks like y'all had a wonderful time, and I must agree with Greg!

    1. Attack of the seashells! We didn't find any big ones...just little ones and big pieces.


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