Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sometimes You Have to Keep a Secret!

Sometimes you just have to keep a secret ~ which means....shhhhh, its a secret ~ so I never could post pictures of something I was working on ~ because it was a secret, a surprise, a gift!

I made our #1 grandson a cross stitch quilt, so I decided to make his little brother one also ~

Katie holding the gift ~ cross stitched front & hand quilted

adorable baby more concerned with his empty tummy than Grandma's picture!

And what will be made for Little Mac (my name for Jennifer & Allens baby) ~ haha, I can't tell, its a surprise!  And, I will need to wait


  1. That's beautiful, and so much work! My mama made Max one when he was born like that, sorta, not that much work! She also made Wendy's dog one (that's put up) cause Wendy wanted one and thought she'd never get a baby!


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