Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Projects I've been working on ~

AG pillowcase top & capris for a gift

a bitty baby for a baby granddaughter gift (when the Lord so blesses)

AG pillowcase dress to sell (x3)

AG pillowcase top & capris to sell (x2)

machine embroidered jumper for the fair

hand smocked jumper for the fair

completed bishop for the fair

does Minnie need an introduction?

My first smocking design for a little friend!
I am rolling along on the AG doll clothes to sell ~ I've got 2 pillowcase tops & capris, 3 pillowcase dresses, and 5 bathrobes.  More to come!  I think I am going to list them on the AG facebook sites I am a member of & see if that is successful.  I also made a peasant dress that bitty baby is now wearing but I didn't have the camera upstairs for a picture.

I found a Mickey Head smocking pattern on pinterest, copied it and tried to smock it.  That was a very lopsided mouse head!  It probably didn't help that I was trying to picture smock in the car on the way home from St. Louis. (I ripped out the first house head after it was completed!  argh!)  Then I drew my own mickey head on graph paper & smocked it ~ its on the plaid jumper ~ 3 little mousey heads.  They turned out much smaller than I wanted.  I didn't want to toss that work so I put it on the front of the jumper ~ the ricrac covers the raw edges of the fabric insert.  Then I went through all my cross stitch books to find the mouse head above.  It was much easier to smock from a cross stitch pattern than I anticipated ~ the geometric smocking on the rest of the plate is my design.  I much prefer geometric smocking to picture smocking ~ but I know Lauren's face will light up and she will instantly know that is for her!  She will get the little purse too ~ but after its in the fair!

All my jumpers and the bishop need button holes & buttons added to be complete.  And the polka dot Minnie dress will need to be constructed. 

I've always got more than one project going ~ right now I've got a partially completed baby afghan in turquoise & white, another granny square afghan in the works in shades of purple (my favorite color), a cross stitch picture for my nephew who just made Eagle Scout, and some owl hand embroidery squares. 

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  1. Your making me wish my daughters were young again. Beautiful work.

  2. Looks like lots of fun! I like the new look for your blog!

  3. You are a very talented lady Donna. As a child I LOVED dressing and playing with dolls. I would have so enjoyed one of your dolls. I only had one child, a son so I never got to play with dolls after my own childhood, but that may change this year when my son and daughter-in-law have their first child. My fingers are crossed. Purple is my favorite color too, and I look forward to seeing pictures f your granny square afghan and that cross stitch too. Your work is so pretty I imagine people will want to buy them if you share pictures of them on Facebook or Etsy.

  4. Thanks Heidi ~ after having 2 boys, I thoroughly enjoyed my girlie girl! Can't wait for granddaughters!


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