Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Update from Sunny, Hot, Buggy Hoduras

Well, the title pretty much says it all ~ the bugs LOVE our bug repellent...they lick it off of us and commence to biting.  Got some hydrocortisone and all is a little better.

We went to a new church this morning for VBS and had 95 children!  That's awesome! All were attentive, participated, very polite and had lots of fun.  This afternoon we went to a Boys Home right outside of town.  These guys are in this home by court order ~ could be neglectful parents, or they could have been homeless, or some kind of run in with the law.  We had 75 boys & the staff at the home.  ALL ages, 7 or 8 to 17 or 18.  They all listened, enjoyed the craft & loved the candy we brought. 

In between the 2 we had a couple of free hours in town ~ Greg, Amy and I hit the streets...we shopped at the fabric store, found a great little sewing/craft notions store and hit a few others.  The sewing notions store had great prices on sewing machine needles, lace and beads.  I got 3 packs of needles, 7 yards of lace and 2 long strings of beads + individual beads for $6.  I had figured out what I wanted fabricwise on our first trip into the store, so todays expedition was relatively easy.  I got about 14 yards of fabric for $40.  All the fabric is 60 inches wide ~ one of them is 92 inches wide!  And I've got some $$ left, so I may go back there too! 

Here are some pictures!

Greg found a "Bob Ross" happy tree in Honduras!

this precious little boy is deaf

Our frosty treat indulgence only came in Vanilla ~ they were out of chocolate!

shopping trip goodies!

Disney fabric for Lauren

at the Boys home

hard at work on the colorful scratch off cross craft.

And what is happening at home while we are here ~~~~~ its SNOWING in Mississippi.....Amy is a bit peeved that she is missing that fun!  Angel is saving Amy a Ziploc bag full of snow, so she can at least see it in person!


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