Monday, January 27, 2014


We are having an awesome time in Honduras.  The weather is hot, the bugs are biting (guess who forgot the bug spray?  Made a trip to store this a.m. for it), the work is happening, the children are laughing & singing, new friends are being made, old friendships being re established, lots of water being drunk, Bible events being retold, beautiful voices being lifted in song!  I don't care whether we don't speak Spanish or they don't speak English ~ love, smiles, hugs & friendship bridge the language barriers! 

We LOVE it down here ~ Amy has already asked to come back next year!  I think she and Mirna have decided to adopt each other.  They are having so much fun together.  Mirna is our interpreter, along with Amanda, and they are doing a fantastic job. 

This morning at VBS we had 34 children ~ but almost 50 folks when you add in the teens, adults & babies that stayed for the fun.  This afternoon, at a different location in a much smaller community, we had about 10 children. 

Amy is doing her part at spreading the love ~ she brought a bag full of rubber band bracelets she had made on her rainbow loom and is giving them away.  I think tomorrow, Mirna will get a bracelet making lesson if there is time.  The kids all loved their bracelets and most picked bracelets that matched what they were wearing ~ even the boys.

At the afternoon location, Greg got to help the construction team with their project.  They were mixing cement the old fashinoned way, with shovels and building a 6 foot wide x about 20 long concrete pad in front of the church.  Tomorrow, another 6 foot section will be added.

Here is a few pictures (out of the tons we took)

music time

Greg as Paul & Silas' Phillipian Jailer

helping with crafts

shovel work ~ Carl & Greg

bracelet time ~ Amanda, Mirna & Amy

All in a days work~
If I can't get on here till late tomorrow, I want to wish my awesome husband a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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  1. Looks like a great time. Please tell your husband Happy Birthday.


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