Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Its Birthday Time!

Today begins our yearly birthday celebration ~

30 years ago James entered this world ~ 7lb. 4 oz.  of blonde, blue eyed boy. I became a Mom!  He was the first grandson on both sides of the family.  His inititals are JSM just like his father, grandfather, and great grandfather.  This blessing has brought me much joy, much love, and taught me many different things ~ like what it means to really trust the Lord to care for my son when I cannot, how to cope with & get through life with a child that is ADHD & dyslexic (not so much hyperactive now), how to deal with food allergies (milk), how to encourage & support him through his Eagle Scout quest (accomplished on his 18th birthday),  how to pray all those nasty kidney stones away & buy prescriptions to help with pain,  how to visit with and encourage him in less than ideal conditions, how to love like a Mom no matter what!  Life has never been dull with James ~ I am very thankful for his life & love.

And a very happy birthday to our newest daughter ~ Jennifer....who was also born 30 years ago today.  Jennifer is a lovely young lady who captured my son Allen's heart several years ago ~ and thus captured a chunk of mine too!  Her sweet spirit, encouraging nature, and loving attitude are great calming influences on Allen!  They are so sweet together!  This mom is blessed that they have each other to love and care for ~ Happy Birthday Jennifer!  We are thankful for you & love you!

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