Friday, December 13, 2013

According to TV

According to TV shows & commercials...
I "deserve" the best
there should be a new car in my driveway sporting a big red bow on 12-25
that "Jared" & "Kay" have the corner market on jewelry & romance
that I should have enough $$ to shop everyones "one day sale"
that feminine products have to advertise because we may "forget" what to buy
the only place to buy unmentionables is V Secret (it ain't a secret anymore)
dinner isn't complete without a frozen entrée of some sort
that polar bears drink coke products in December
that living to the excess is the norm
 the minute a new phone is on the market, I should have it
 if you don't shop at Ross, Burlington, or TJ Max you overspent
that everyone is ALL smiles at holidays (get real!)
Oh well, maybe enough griping for today!
Now onto a Show review ~
Amy and I just finished watching "The Sound of Music" live last night.  These folks took on the impossible task of making a classic better ~ you can't take something awesome and make it awesomer~  NO ONE can beat Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer.  That being said, it was an enjoyeable remake...except for the new songs someone felt they had to throw in.  Carrie Underwood has a beautiful voice and did a good job as Maria.  I saw many people slamming her on fb for her acting skills or lack of acting skills ~ she is a singer not an actress!  I was apprehensive about watching it after I saw the whipping it took, but I am glad we did ~ it was a good try but they should have stuck closer to the original with the song order, and lines!

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  1. Hahahahaha! Love your comment on feminine product commercials!

    I agree on your review of "The Sound of Music". She did a good job for a singer being put into an acting position. It was a little difficult for us to watch, though, when we are "used" to the classic arrangement.


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