Saturday, December 14, 2013

2nd Goal Accomplished!

I am so excited that my 2nd weight loss hurdle has been met ~ 50 pounds!  The pounds between 45-50 jumped around like a jack in the box....not fun.

So I have a little advice to share ~
*Stick with it ~ don't give up ~ you can do it
*Have plenty of acceptable snacks & munchies on hand (carry them with you when you are out so you aren't tempted)
*If portion control is an issue ~ premeasure the stuff into Ziploc bags or little containers
*drink LOTS of fluids ~ water, tea, diet drinks....lots and lots is 80-100 oz a day
*read how others have done whatever diet you are doing (we are doing Atkins now)
*Pinterest has tons of ideas & recipes for free
*Try new food items that are permissible (mashed cauliflower is pretty good!)
*If you are heading out to eat ~ check the rest. menu online and see if they list the nutrition facts ~ so you know what you can eat
*Have a co-dieter to go on this journey with you...Greg is my best cheerleader (Mom & Amy too!)
*It would help not to have a daughter who is a baker ~ but I do, so I leave the room, sometimes go upstairs and shut the door
*get a free account with "my Fitness" to track your progress, inches lost, food diary, etc.  Did I mention its FREE"

Enjoy your success!  Have fun shopping for new clothes.  Clearance racks are awesome, black Friday sales were very helpful too!  Donate the old ones.

Now onto the next 50!  Ready or I come! 

Total between Greg and I is now 120~  whoo hoo!

A funny to share ~ I requested the New Atkins book to read & review & was accepted ~ I can write/share the review next funny is it that the book will be released on Christmas Eve?  I think its hysterical ~ releasing a diet book during one of the biggest munchy times of the year!

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  1. Congratulations! !!! I know how hard it is to lose. I have 60 to lose.


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