Monday, November 25, 2013

Our Not So Good Week

Last week I posted out car was broken into in St. Louis that was on Sunday ~

I am thankful I got to spend Sunday night, Monday night, & Tuesday afternoon/night with our St. Louis Family!

We drove home on Wed. ~ James had been staying at our house with Will while we were gone.

James drove to his place on Wed. ~ to find his tv stolen & some other stuff.  Police were called & came out ~ wrote up the report & told him not to disturb anything because they wanted to come and he drove back to our house for the night.  He stayed 2 nights ~ went home on Friday to find IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  argh!

This time they hauled off paintball guns, computer equipment (he had his laptop with him) and other junk.  James & Allen both collect swords & knives ~ all of James collection is gone.

The WORST things that were taken ~ 2 rings that were his 1st dads that I gave engraved signet ring Scott got for highschool graduation & his Marine Corp ring ~ these are NOT replaceable.  His 2 mementos from his father.  That's low down and dirty of those crooks.

A friend of ours came out and installed new locks on his doors ~ new, reconfigured locks that can't be picked ~ our friend is a locksmith.  Greg and Will built a new cover the the window that was busted ~ we think that's how they got in the 2nd time.  But they got out the front door toting his belongings after they picked his lock.

Is there something to be thankful for in this ~


they left ALL his Eagle Scout stuff
they left his Scout Scrapbook
they didn't find his cash or coin collection
he wasn't there & wasn't injured

We are really praying for a very DULL week!

They SHOULD HAVE stolen one of his Bibles & started reading it ~ would do them a world of good.

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  1. I am so sorry for James! I know that is heartbreaking for you, too. You are right about the thankfulness, though. It could have been much worse. Praying yall's Thanksgiving week goes wonderful!


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