Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Book Review for Net Galley

I just finished reading "The New Lean for Life" by Cynthia Stamper Graff & Reginald Allouche.

I was interested in reading this book as it fits in with our current low carb lifestyle.  The book is written in "days" instead of "chapters" with each day representing the progression of their lean for life program.  The book does a good job of explaining how your body reacts to certain foods, why you should change your eating habits, how to make it through the plateaus of the weight loss journey & how to not go back to old habits.  It also addresses those days when the numbers on the scale creep back up a pound or so & how to address this.  There are also many testimonials of folks who have lost significant weight using this program.  It seems to follow along the lines of "Atkins" & maybe "South Beach" in it approach to carbohydrate counting/watching.

We are 3 months into our journey and this does correspond to many of the things we are doing.  And there were some good tips in the book to help us & great motivation to keep us going.

I was given this book by Harlequin Publishing (on NetGalley) for my honest opinion of this book.

Donna Jackson

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