Friday, October 25, 2013

Beauty & The Beast

Last night, Greg took Amy & I too see Disneys Broadway Play "Beauty & the Beast".  It was awesome!  Beautiful costumes, wonderful music, great acting!

A couple of things could have made this a more awesome night......

*The ushers (door mafia) could have not locked us out of the auditorium during the first act & song!  I had gone to the ladies room & couldn't get back in.  Of course the ushers were in and out of the doors multiple times but didn't let us in..........just at my door there were about 60 people waiting. 

*The parent with the persistently screaming loud child could have left ~ actually she should have been escorted to the door by an usher!  This happened 3 times ~ annoying!  I understand paying for a ticket and wanting to see the show ~ but the others in the balcony also paid and would have rather heard the lines & songs without the screaming child accompaniment.

*The older lady & her grandchildren could have picked a different time to leave than the last scene blocking the view of the rest of us.  And one of the grandchildren had to come back in and get her purse and coat.

*And to all the smart phone users out there ~ if you can't stay off facebook during the show...maybe you wasted your money even being there.  Put your phones in your pockets and leave them there.  Facebook will still be there in an hour and a half.

Thanks for the fun night Greg!  I enjoyed our date!

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