Sunday, September 1, 2013

Kitchen Redo

A couple of weeks ago I posted that we had been to Ikea and I was ready to gut my kitchen ~ technically I still am, but the reality is, that will be a while.  So we are changing up some things at a much more affordable price.
First, is the kitchen cabinets.  I would love new cabinets.  These are old ~ nothing wrong with that except for the former owners "faux" finishing techniques.  They took custom built beautifully stained cabinets, put a new finish on them that was a purple mess.  When Greg bought the house (a few months before we got married), he and his dad painted over the mess with crisp white paint.  Which looked great for a while ~ but white cabinets in a house hold full of teens and budding cooks, doesn't stay crisp and white for long.  We have repainted, touched up, & gotten fed up with them always looking dingy.  I was inspired at Ikea ~ I had NEVER thought of painting my cabinets gray...but they had a lovely kitchen with gray cabinets.  Right now, paint cost a whole lot less than here is a before and after of one of our sets of cabinets ~~~~~

I really like the color and the way the knobs look on the gray!  We've done the desk, cabinets above and over the fridge.  There is still a wide border of white including decorative molding and we are leaving it alone.  That will be a great spot to hang some of my smaller cross stitch pictures and decorative signs. 
Greg is also going to find me some inserts for 2 of the deep corner cabinets.  I can't reach into the back of the cabinets and there is no telling what is back there.  When we do eventually redo the cabinets, I want some of the cabinets with the turntables in them.  But the inserts/pullout drawers are an affordable alternative.
And we have bought some gorgeous tile to do a backsplash and stacked brick tiles for behind the oven.  The painting has to get done first and then the tile work.  We bought everything last weekend to accomplish these projects!  Now the time will have to be whittled out of the schedules, so we can accomplish the goals.  By doing it in sections, and completing 1 section at a time, its easier on the nerves.
We are also going through all the cabinets and getting rid of stuff we no longer need/want.  I already have a box going for the church garage sale next year and we started a "hope chest box" of sorts for Will for the future.  I also discovered that over the years, my glasses have been dropped or "walked out the door" and I don't have a complete set of drinking glasses.  I have 2 incompete sets that look completely different.  So, a new complete set of matching glasses is going on the list of wants.  Or 2 smaller sets that match. 
I am also un~homeschooling my kitchen, which was our classroom.  I no longer need reams of notebook paper, multi boxes of colored pencils, crayons, or markers readily available.  Some of these goodies Amy is taking to church to use for her Sunday School childrens class.  And the rest is getting stored for visiting children to use. 
I will post more pictures as we make more progress!

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