Thursday, August 29, 2013

What to Give for a 50th Birthday?

I could not think of something "good" to give Greg for his 50th Birthday this past January.  I wanted something he would not forget ~ that he would really enjoy ~ that he had never gotten.  And then it hit me......he watches Nascar on some Sundays and he has never been to a race.  It helped the decision when Allen told me that he wanted Nascar tickets for his birthday.  

SO, we got 4 Nascar tickets to the Labor Day Weekend Race at Atlanta Motor Speedway.  Allen got 2 tickets for him & fianc√© Jennifer and we got 2 tickets for Greg & Will for their birthdays.

The campsites are picked out.  The RV is full of diet approved snacks & drinks.  The fans are ready to go in the morning.  I hope they have a fantastic time.  I am praying it doesn't rain and ruin what they have looked forward to for 8 months!  (there is a 60% chance of rain)

Amy, Granny and I are going to tough it out....tomorrow we are getting pedicures (my first ever....and my reward to myself for reaching my first 25 pounds lost!), shopping for wedding stuff ~ Allen & Jennifers wedding is in one month, and I am sure a trip to Mall of GA is in the plans. 

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