Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Journey Has Begun

I blogged Friday about us starting our weight loss journey!  And I appreciate the supportive comments very much!

Monday was our blood work, counseling, dr. appt., etc.  We had to "fast" for the bloodwork...which was fine but our appts. weren't until 1 pm.  That made the morning just a little rough.

We got there filled out everything and had all our sessions with everyone. Oh, they did an EKG on each of us.  First I have ever had done. They tried to do Greg's bloodwork but his veins were not cooperative ~ at all.  My bloodwork went well.

We got all our liquid nourishment packets and headed to the car.  This diet is liquid meal replacements.  Shakes, puddings, and soups.  Its all formulated to give you all the vitamins, minerals, carbs, etc. that you need for a day. 

We had bottled water and Coke Zero in a cooler in the car.  We immediately set to mixing our first shake in our handy dandy blending cups.  By this time it was 3 ~ first anything we had all day and it was yummy! 

Then we have 10 carbs we can "add" on our own...along with a list of ideas.  I am very thankful that iced tea sweetened with Stevia is a "free" food.  After not chewing anything at all since Sunday night ~ I have thoroughly enjoyed my piece of Trident gum and my sugar free jello! 

We went back to the office today and got Greg's bloodwork done.  So we are done with bloodwork for 2 weeks!

After a week or 2, there are some meal bars that we can add and not have to just drink everything. 

Every week we go weigh in, get our meal packets, and see a nurse.  Every other week, we will have bloodwork done along with the other stuff...and see the dr.

And speaking of the dr. ~ turns out she has been on mission trips with our family dr. and she & Greg were on the same team in 1996....small world!

We are going to use this blog as our journal, of sorts.

Heres to liquid meal replacements!    CHEERS!


  1. WOW that sounds hard ! I don't think I could do it.

  2. Some moments are hard and others aren't. Right this very minute ~ is not easy! But the motivation to complete the task is there and the pounds coming off will be great motivation.

  3. Not sure I could do it, but with the Lord we can do all things..right? :)

    My doctor put me on a 'wheat free' diet 2.5 months ago suspecting I was allergic and to date I have lost 25 lbs and I am down to under 150(I am 5'4) There is a book out called lose the wheat, lose the weight, I have never read it but I hear it pretty good...Wheat free is not as hard as it sounds and it is working miracles on my body...guess she was right, I have a wheat intolerance!

    Good luck to you and Greg, will keep you in my prayers...


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